Media Reception

Radio New Zealand National
This Way Up: Digital Death
19th November 2011

Orbit Magazine
Economies of Scale
Krishna Andavolu: 18th February 2011

Ta Nea: Greek National Newspaper
Ψηφιακά αθάνατοι στο Ιντερνετ: Εχουν φύγει από τη ζωή, αλλά η φωνή τους παραµένει ακόµα ζωντανή µέσα στα µπλογκ
Digital immortal on the Internet: They have gone from life, but her voice is still alive in the blog. 14th February 2011

Company Magazine
Grief in a Digital Age
Bel Trew: 26th January 2011

New York Times Magazine
Cyberspace After Your Dead
Rob Walker: 5th January 2011

BBC, Radio 5
Outriders: Live, die, remix
5th October 2010

Orbit Magazine
After Death in a Digital Form
Robert Roper: 3rd June 2010

Student Hallmark
Design Students Collaborate with Industry Giants
Issue 31. Summer Term 2010. Pp 5.