As Digital Death is an emergent and growing topic there have been few formal conferences. However there is an active and vibrant community forming. The events that have been run have been received with great interest and enthusiasm from the attendees.

Examples of academic events including a workshop in Atlanta “CHI: At the end of Life”, April 2010; conference in Singapore ”Afterlife and Death in a Digital Age”, April 2010 and “Death & Dying in a Digital Age” at the Centre for Death And Society in Bath, May 2011. There have also been various informal events such as the Digital Death Day unconferences, which are being held annually across the States and Europe. Below are a sample of blogs discussing this growing interest:

Patrick Reilly
Thoughts from “Digital Death Day.”
20th May 2010

John Fontana
IIW – The food pyramid of Identity
18th May 2010

Evan Carrol
Digital Death Day: Good People
22nd May 2010

Nathan Lustig
Digital Death Day 2010: The first conference for the digital estate planning industry
26th May 2010